Hungarian Independence Day!


Every year the 15th of March stands for Independence in Hungary, commemorating the revolution and the following of war.  Celebrated with the recital of the poem ‘Nemzeti Dal’ or ‘National Song’, written by Sándor Petőfi, Hungary honour their most prominent national holiday. Petőfi recited his poem on the 15th March 1848 from the stairs of the National Museum to an audience of thousands – his passion marking the beginning of the revolution against Hasburgs regime. No revolution day goes by without reciting the National Song on the stairs of the National Museum, where on the 15th March Budapest is dressed in red, white and green. Many other events accompany celebrations, including musical and theatrical performances, and horseback rides with the help of Hussars dressed in traditional uniforms. Memorial ceremonies also take place at Petőfi Tér, (Petőfi Statue) and Batthyány Örökmécses (Batthyány Eternal Flame).

The day itself arose after a revolutionary wave swept across Europe, resulting in a revolution forming in Hungary on the 15th March in 1848.  Hungarian poets and writers formed the core of the radicals – gathering crowds of people while performing National Song and reading their demands. The most important demands to the revolution included freedom of press, freedom of religion, a national bank, a jury and the abolition of feudal conditions. Following the events a Hungarian Delegation went to Vienna, where the Hasburgs accepted and agreed on an Independent Hungarian Ministry. After which, Vienna took action against the revolution, forcing Hungary to surrender to Russia in 1949. As a result of the defeat, an age of terror gripped Hungary in the coming years.

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