Education Opportunity!

Are you looking for an education? South East Training Centre in Partnership with Voice of Nations will be delivering the first round of trainings and courses leading to NVQ 1, 2 and 3 accreditations in Health & Social Care in April 2012 at:

Kensington Multimedia Centre

2 Coleridge Street

L6 6BT, Liverpool


Eligibility criteria for free NVQ Level (2) courses are: British citizens, EU Nationals, Spouses of British/ EU Nationals, indefinite leave in the UK, Asylum seekers & Refugees; they must have been in the country for at least three years. Highly discounted rates apply for those who are not eligible for funding but would like to enroll for the course.


The NVQ Level (2) & Level (3) will be delivered fortnightly for a period of 6 Months.

There are also care job opportunities available for everyone eligible to live and work in the country.

For those willing to take up care jobs with us without having any prior health care qualifications and/or experiences, highly discounted rates also apply for NVQ level (1) in Health & Social Care training.

Course/job induction and NVQ 1 training will take place on Saturday 31-03-2012 from 10:00am- 2:00pm at the Kensington Multimedia Centre, 2 Coleridge Street, L6 6BT.

Documents Required

1. 2 copies of Passport Or Photo I.D

2. 2 copies Of NI card

3. 2 copies of proof of Address

4. Photocopies of Documents from the Home office (UK Border Agency –showing when you first entered the UK).


Any interested organisation/candidate could contact Sylvia directly at or 07539216072/ 01514253139 for the enrolment and Work application forms.

Milego dnia (have a nice day)

Merseyside Polonia X


About Merseyside Polonia

We are a charity based in Liverpool who strive to develop positive relationships between the ever expanding Polish community and local residents.

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